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A number of praiseworthy initiatives like arranging Olympiad, competitions have been initiated in last few years by some enthusiastic educationists, professionals with the active help of print media and financial support of financial institutions in our country. All those were aiming to encourage young students to nurture their talent and to create attraction to basic mathematics & mother tongue. These events have provoked the participants to study more and helped in expanding their mental horizon.


For last few years an Olympiad on Mathematics has been arranged very successfully. Immediate outcome of this programme are basic foundation of participating students has got stronger on mathematics, fear about mathematics is disappearing and participants take more interest on mathematics. Strong foundation in mathematics will give leverage to the students in higher studies in science. All these positive factors will have long lasting effect on building a good nation.


These types of programmes need to be arranged frequently for the betterment of our future generation. Chemistry department of Dhaka University has already started arranging Chemistry Olympiad from 2007. A colourful competition on Bangla language has been organized by last few years. All these programmes got patronage from different financial institutions. Print media especially ?Prothom Alo? has been providing excellent support in popularizing the events. But in front of biological science we are yet to take any step.


Bioscience is now an emerging frontier. This encompasses from food to human life. Without nurturing bioscience our knowledge base cannot get a strong foothold. Students should be attracted more in the sphere of bioscience. To create awareness about the importance of bioscience among secondary & higher secondary level students, arrangement of programmes like Olympiad will exert long lasting impact. Dhaka University being the lighthouse of higher studies can promote such programmes. Biochemistry itself is in the forefront of bioscience. Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology has taken up the decision of arranging an Olympiad termed as Biochemistry Olympiad.


Moreover science education in Bangladesh has been experiencing downtrend of students in numbers. On the other hand enrolment of students in business education is maintaining stiff rise. If this trend continues, after few years there will be shortage of students in science education. This trend is definitely bad for the country. Arrangement of such scientific events is required to be conducted more and more to make science education more attractive.  



1.     Create awareness among students to life science.

2.     Aware students about the impact of life science on health.

3.     Aware students about the importance of biochemistry in our everyday life.

4.     Popularise biochemistry to the incoming science students.

5.     Creating scopes to students to develop their intellect on bioscience through study & competition.

6.     Improve knowledge base of bioscience teachers in school & collage level.

7.     Enhancing intellectual capability of science students.

8.     Direct involvement in nation building activities.



o        Anticipating strong pull of quality incoming university students well aware about bioscience & precisely about biochemistry.

o        Create interest among students about science study. More specifically about bioscience.


Target Group

School Level:   Class IX to X/O level.

College level:    Intermediate/A level.


Programme option


Option 1: Organize the programme for schools & collages of Dhaka city only.


Option 2: Organize the programme for schools & collages of all divisional head quarters.




Olympiad will be of 2 days event.

Day 1: Registration of participants. Written examination. Question & answer session.

Day 2: Scientific seminar in the manner of popular science session. Result announcement. Certificate & prize distribution.



Communication will play a vital role for creating awareness about the proposed event. Print media can play vital role here. Prothom Alo authority has agreed to support this initiative through their newspaper. We will approach to electronic media as well.      



Arranging such a big programme would not be possible without fund. Our vision is to organize the Olympiad every year. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology department do not have own fund to organize such a programme. Business/Financial/Corporate houses can sponsor such an educational programme as a mark of social responsibility.


Rational for sponsorship

a)     Association in nation building activities.

b)      Directly impacting on development of education sector.

c)      Will get maximum coverage of their product or service to the all prospective consumers under 20s (APCU20). This age group can be termed as most prospective future clients who develop taste at this age.

d)     Will get advocates for their product or service.

e)     Demonstration of corporate social responsibility.    


Timing of the event

Olympiad will be arranged in between December 2009 to January 2010.

Chosen Option

Option 1: Organize the programme for schools & collages of Dhaka division only in the 1st year.